Transitioning Services

Laid off or changing jobs?
You have important benefit decisions to make. 
The good news is... we can help.
Changes to your workplace benefits can be confusing.  There are so many things to think about: What are all your options? What are the best choices for you and your family? What are the deadlines you need to be aware of? Any changes you make to your workplace benefits shouldn't compromise the financial security you and your family deserve.
Tracy is a Transitions Specialist and can:
  • Answer your questions about the life insurance continuation options available to you.
  • Provide you with detailed information about the life insurance products and financial services available to you.
  • Help you maintain your valuable life insurance protection.
  • Provide information about health insurance coverage alternatives
  • Offer solutions for handling your lump-sum pension or 401(k) account.
What option is right for you?
I can help you analyze your needs, decide which options work best for you, and implement the agreed-upon solution.
Send us an email for more information. 
Please include "Transition" in your subject line.