My Process

My approach is thorough and process-driven, designed to help clients identify, prioritize and achieve the things in life that they care about most.  By utilizing this process, I am able to offer unique and customizable client's individual wishes, timeframes, and circumstances.   I view this as a journey, and continue to monitor the progress.   

I have a strong mission to educate as many people as I can about financial strategies, understand my client’s situation thoroughly and help them to reach their goals by creating a financial strategy specific to every client and coaching them regularly to follow through on those strategies.

The Client Service Model is the process for how I thouroughly assist my clients. 

Connect - Initial contact and discovery conversation

Explore - Uncovering/understanding needs and objectives

Solve - Analyze findings and design holistic solutions

Collaborate - Review solutions and agree upon a strategy

Implement - Execute the strategy and discuss next steps

Serve - Establish review meetings and monitor progress


I help clients develop a comprehensive strategy for their financial future.  Here are the areas where I can help you:

  • Individual comprehensive financial strategy
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Special Needs Planning for a child or aging parent
  • Managing financial risk


Please contact me at (352) 629-9555 or